Heartland Men's Chorus Concert

If you are in need of capturing the Holiday Spirit, this concert is for YOU and YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS.
See www.hmckc.org  for tickets
I will be on stage singing in the back row with the upper baritones.
The Folly Theater is an amazing place to perform.
It's gonna be a fun show!
Wear your favorite Christmas sweater and I will be looking for you in the audience.
Send me a Holiday Shout-Out on Twitter: @jjsimsSF
Peace & Glad Tidings

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Learn Something New

I am teaching a Holiday Pop-Up Greeting Card class on Saturday, October 24th 2015 with Communiversity. See page 6 in the Communiversity Fall 2015 Catalog.

Class #1036 A

Class Fee $10 +  Materials Fee $30 = $40 class

Saturday, October 24th 1-4pm

Dare to Dabble, 1329 Swift, North Kansas City, MO 64116

Class size is 10 people. 

I will show you how to make three basic pop-up styles then provide you time to stamp, cut, glue and create. You will have time to make three cards with envelopes for special people. 

Sign up for this class online



Being Creative. Take small steps

Creative people aren't just artists, musicians and dancers. All of you out there who think you are NOT CREATIVE, think again. And again. And again.
Go easy on yourself.
Take small steps.
Go to your place of work taking a different route, buy a different type of bread for your sandwiches, doodle on some paper or even buy a coloring book and get back to your youth.
Interesting coloring article here:

Breath. Relax. Color.
Lovingly see where creativity takes you.
The Letter Guy aka jjsims