See what I've been up to!

You can visit the Kansas City Paper Source and see the paper wreath I made for the Paper Wedding event it is hanging proudly behind the cash registers! I had fun with the bright colors and texture of the papers!



You too can make paper flowers with a little time, patience, and lots of glue can pay me to make you a fabulous & classy work of art!

In the middle of March I took a class on how to use eyelets, I want to incorporate more metal in future cards! (See the Thinking of You card)


And also in March I made a fun, spring wreath with magnolias and a great box so the lucky DIVA silent auction winner can treasure the wreath forever. Diva1

Diva2_web I'm working on some exquisite cards for the DIFFA Dining By Design Silent Auction for April 30th! Put a glimmer of Glamour in your life!

Start Small & Go From There

My class this past Saturday was a success! I had 3 students and they all filled their time creating and having fun with paper! My friend Denise told me, "we must celebrate the small and go from there.." This helped me keep things in perspective. Sure I wanted all those seats filled in the class, but 3 energized students are better than none!

On Sunday, February 20th I will be at the Kansas City Paper Source taking part in the fun event called "Paper Wedding", I will be demonstrating how to make paper wreaths. So stay tuned for pictures of my next creation. The wedding wreath will incorporate colors that are not as pastel as the traditional wedding palette. I want to experiment with simple, geometric shapes for the leaves in the wreath. I will make a paper flower as a focal point, I just don't know what yet.

My brother and his fiance are getting married in April, so this will be a good inspiration. Ciao Everyone!

It's not just a Cow Town...

Kansas City is more than just a cow town. At least, that's what I tell all my California friends!
I went to a really great talk Wednesday night, hosted by the Kansas City Design Center in our glorious Union Station. A City Planner for the City of Washington D.C. , Andrew Altman talked about what he and his team of planners have accomplished as a new vision for the city. It truly was inspirational how he described the collaborative effort involved in changing perceptions about development along the District's Anacostia River Corridor.
Wow! Lots has changed since I lived in the District of Columbia and that was only 7 years ago.
My eyes have been opened. We really do have the power to move KC forward because as quoted by Mr. Altman, ... Planning ideas do matter! Peace Everyone! Think good thoughts!...hey regarding the KC joke... It's my job to keep you on your feet!

I have Something To Say!

I am proclaiming today as Celebrate Paper Day! Don't you just love PAPER? It is the most versatile, colorful and lightweight material out there...well at least single pages...when you get a couple thousand reams of the stuff it can weigh a ton, but that's another story. I love to collage pieces of paper together and create mini works of art! Luv_paper_blog
Layers of color, Layers of texture, Layers of promise, and Layers of discovery. Gluing pieces of paper together is very meditative for me and relaxing. You should try it! Be a kid again, grab some scissors, paper and get to it! This is a shameless plug, but check out The Paper Source! The store has a wide array of paper to choose from and have fun with! ciao fellow Paper Enthusiasts!