Fall is here

I am selling fall greeting cards on my own and on my Etsy page (my first item in my store!).

 Snpsh_thth09_cov  The covers of the cards have a simple leaf with "Thinking of You" as the saying. The spine of the card has a brown cord that adds to the rustic feel. Inside the card is stamped with several sayings such as: "Thank You", "Thanks so much", "Special Thanks" and "Much Appreciated".  A heart insertz (pop-up feature) comes in red  Thth09_redInsrtz
or  Thth09_brwnInsertz
brown craft paper. The cards are $10 each. If you buy 5 cards for $50, you get 5 envelope seals to go with your purchase. If you buy 10 cards for $100, you get 10 envelope seals and 10 address labels.

Call me at 415.623.9369 and Pre-Pay for your order. Turn around time is 1 to 3 business days, depending on size of your order. Email me at johnnyboysims@yahoo.com. I can also send you an invoice through PayPal.

We have so much to be thankful for in this world. This abundant, ever expanding world.


Keep your eyes posted for exciting Holiday Card Creations!

Mother's Day Card 2008

Md0208_cover_4 Md0208_inside_3 One of my Mother's Day cards are finished! The second will be ready by tomorrow.

The heart clover leaf pop-up is a surprise and well worth it!

This card celebrates the love of Mom in a simple, yet oh so interesting way.

Cost is $10.00. This price does not include shipping.

Order your card by May 9th for delivery to Mom. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11th.

Call 415.623.9369 to place your order or email me. I can send you an invoice through PayPal.

Peace my fellow co-creators!

Reuse. Recycle. Rethink the Greeting Card.

Don't recycle that empty juice bottle before ripping off the label and re-using it in another way. Recycle1a_2

JS Cards can make a Thinking of You greeting card with a special pop-up message inside.

Recycle1a_inside_2 Do something different and save the environmenct at the same time!

Purchase your recycled cards today!

Contact JS Cards to make you a different kind of greeting card...

Spring Has Sprung!

Last night I worked on some fun Happy Spring greeting cards!Spg108a Spg108b Spg108c  I am so excited to show you!

The front cover symbolizes the strips of color on an easter egg. Do you like the strip of green grass? You can shape it the way you want it.

You open the card to a magical site of love and Spring. New life is represented by the yellow leaves, golden butterflies, crimson blossoms and a verdant hue of green to get you excited about new growth.

Call 415.623.9369 to place your order or email me.

Cost is $10.00 each.

Until then, get your Easter plans in order. I KNOW San Francisco will be hopping, but I'll be in Aptos visiting family.

Share the Light! Look for some rabbits for me! Eat Chocolate!

Life IS GOOD!!

p.s. I'll have Mother's Day 2008 designs soon...keep your eyes peeled.

Red with Brown Inspiration

Thob08a This is a card I created this morning for some new friends. Their home inspired me because of all their beautifully designed furniture and fabulous works of art on the walls. Thob08b

I'm trying out a new strip of paper on the back to advertise JS Cards in a clean and simple way. Tell me what you think!

Do Something Creative Today!

Drive home a different way, eat a different sandwich for lunch, or even make an Excel spreadsheet in a different way.

Saying Thanks gets me Inspired

I made the first 2008 greeting cards for the awesome staff at CitiBank here in San Francisco. Ctb108

For the following birthday card, Jdbd08 I inserted one of my fab starburst pop-ups in a letterpress card by top of the line, San Francisco printers Austin Press.

Be Well.

Celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday January 21st. Be the Change You want to see in the World.

Peace brothas & sistas!

Cool card for a Kansas City friend

I made this birthday card for a friend yesterday. Fred_card1 I had fun slicing up the strips of paper and using glue and my creativity to make a happy work of art! The chinese coin embellishment really brings the whole card together....woo-hoo!

This other picture, is a shot of my messy desk during the creation process... Art_deskneat freaks BEWARE!

I'm off to the Paper Source to buy paper after work...Yay!