100+ Gay Men on a Stage!

Come to the next Heartland Men's Chorus concert on April 2nd or 3rd. The concert promises to tug at the heart strings, be soulful, and remind people that sure we're gay, but we're also religious. Whatever your religioius background or no religion at all, you will be sure to find that music really can change the world. I know it's sappy, but it's gonna be a powerful moment.

It will also be an awesome way to see The Shower of Stoles project.

Won't you join me? We'll be at the Folly Theater in downtown Kansas City.

See you there! Say hi to me from the audience!

Dinner of Note Tonight!

I sing with a fabulous group of 100+ gay men, The Heartland Men's Chorus and we are having a great fundraiser dinner tonight called The Dinner of Note. I'm gonna be a server. We are having the party on the stage of Starlight Theatre, right here in Kansas City. Get your tickets now for our Fabulous, Fun, & Festive Holiday concert on December 4th and 5th! Bon Appetit Everyone & Party with Pizazz!