S.W.A.K. 2008

Vd0108a Sealed With A Kiss 2008!

Look at the latest creations for Valentine's Day! This year I introduce the Heart Burst pop-up card. Vd0108b Get your sweetie a handmade card from JS Cards. Unique Paper Creations! Cards cost $10.00 each.

This other card introduces the use of recycled materials in my cards.This second fab Valentine's Day card uses an old FedEx envelope as the card cover. Vd0208a

Contact me at 415-623-9369 to place your order before Wednesday, February 13th.

Make it a red hot day whomever you are with!

I'm inspired!

Just wanted to show you a card I made for people I appreciate in my life. My drycleaning people Dcln1_2and my barber Barber_ty

So this is proof, you can have me make you a card for ANY occasion. Great or Small! Tell the people you see everyday...You Appreciate Them! Dcln2

Have a Prosperous Friday!

Graduation Cards anyone?

I just finished these fun 2007 Graduation cards!

Sure to wow any new grad and get them excited for the road ahead. Grad_cover Grad_insideI chose a black background to resemble the black graduation robes and mortar board hats, the curry colored strip reminds me of the gold tassels people wear on their robes and the beet purple color adds a majestic quality that fits the occasion!

The card costs $6.00. Make an order using PayPal. The completed card is 4.25 x 3.75 inches in diameter and comes with an envelope. The starburst pop-up makes a statement and is always a crowd pleaser!

*I send all my card first class mail through the United States Postal Service. If you want your card & envelope to be sent to you faster, I will charge an additional $3.00 to your order.

Email me with specific requirements or if you know the school colors, I can work that into the color scheme.


Mothers Day is May 14th!

Hey everyone! I finished one of my Mother's Day Card Designs, take a peek to see the front cover and the starburst pop-up inside:Mday1_1

My friend Drew helped me get some paper cut and folded last night. Yay my first employee! This is only the exciting beginning! This card is $6.00. I can include a stamp for your envelope and shipping to you for an additional $1.00. Mday2_1 Mday3_1 Another Mother's Day sample will appear tomorrow!

I wanted the style of the card to be simple, yet fun and really show Moms all over the world that I care about their accomplishments and to know that they are celebrated on the 14th for a reason!

Call 415.623.9369 to order your special Mom's Day Card TODAY or email me: johnnyboysims@yahoo.com

Wow your Mom with a handmade card from JS Cards & Company! To insure delivery for Mothers Day, last day for out of state orders will be Thursday, May 11th.

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 14th!

Peace Everyone!

Juanita More in Concert!

Here is a sample of the cards I made for the Exposure event next Monday for the Gay Men's Health Collective event. Click on the pictures for more detail!Exposure1Exposure2 Exposure3 

I bought some tickets and am ready for the show and to meet new people!

Tomorrow I'm doing a speech on being a small business owner in San Francisco. So far, my fellow Rainbow Toastmasters have been very supportive.

Mothers Day is May 14th! Mother's Day Card Samples coming...next week!

Wish me luck!

And the Choice is...

Shel_invite3a_web Shel_invite3b_web Shelly decided on Choice #3 Invitation (click on the pictures to see a front and back larger view). Basically, it's the stair step pop up with lots of pertinent information about the event inside. I used Sage text paper and Royal Blue Shimmer for the base colors.

I also used some flat paper called Brocade Blue Silver, which added a wonderful regal feel to the invitation. Silver tape adds a sense of fun and excitement to the card.

                     Top it off with some fuShel_invite3c_webn Posh Heart Punches inside the invitation. Now all I have to do is make 35 more! Keep having fun!

Christmas Card 2004 Styles

Holiday1_web I've finished the 2004 Holiday Card Styles for
JS Cards & Co. All the cards will follow this horizontal pop-up technique. Click on the images for a larger view.

Because my cards are unique,  your card may not look exactly like the ones shown here, but I will do my best to follow the color scheme. The changes may occur in the types of embellishments used.

PeHoliday2_webrsonalized cards are the way to go! You can't get these cards at Wal-Mart, ya gotta work with me! Together we can make a product that will WOW family & friends this holiday season!

Standard cards
are $5 each.

Personalized cards are $8 each.
Call my business phone at 816-726-5180 to fill your order.

Have a Great Thanksgiving! I'll be in California with the family!