White Magnolias & Sparkle Snowflakes

Limited edition Holiday 2007 wreaths are being made as we speak. This year's edition highlights the magical paper wreath made of White Magnolias & Sparkle Snowflakes. White_wreath

I am very excited to offer another product from JS Cards. Handmade paper wreaths. These beautiful paper creations can be hung proudly on a door, above a mantel, or displayed as a centerpiece for your festive party table.

I am currently working on the exact dimensions of the wreath. The design includes handcrafted paper magnolias and die cut snowflakes.

Prices are $100 each. This includes a box to keep your wreath protected year after year AND a Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate proclaims the limited number of the item in stock, never to be repeated again.

Quality and Sparkle. What else would you expect from JS Cards...makers of Unique Paper Creations!

I will have updated pictures next week. Get your orders in now. We stop shipping holiday wreaths December 19th, 2007!

Holiday & Halloween

Hi everyone! I will be working on some Holiday 2007 card designs tonight!

Exciting Stuff! I'm talking with some San Francisco boutiques to carry my cards, I will let you know when & where.

3d_haunted_house I am also working on some Halloween Party invitations.

Got a cool, ghoulish party planned for October? Want to make an impression with your invitations? Add that personal touch and email JS Cards.

See what other clients are saying about JS Cards.

I'll have holiday and halloween samples by the end of the week.

Take care!

I Challenge You To Recycle!

That's it, you do something for the environment that helps me and gets you a fun card! Oj2 1.Take the label off an Odwalla juice bottle or any plastic beverage bottle, Oj1 2. Recycle the bottle, 3. Mail me the label to JS Cards & Company 182 Howard Street, #710 San Francisco,CA 94105 4. I send you a fabulous card made from the label!


Come on! Do Something Different and help the Environment in the process! Help me get the word out about my great product...cards that surprise! Cards that people keep! Call 415-623-9369 or email me to place your greeting card order today!

Creative Juices R Flowin!

Here is the cover of a Birthday card I made for my friend Keith..his cousin's birthday is coming up. Bday_cousin

I also have pictures of a Thank You card idea I'm working on for a client who works for Washington Mutual bank.


The sequence of pictures shows the Front of the card, Tyou_wm2 the sunburst Tyou_wm3 pop-up inside and Tyou_wm4 the back of the card with my business number.

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

I tried to show the starburst pop-up...it's one of my favorites right now. Have a Prosperous Weekend everyone!

Silent Auction cards coming!

I will be making 10 handmade cards as a Silent Auction item for the
Gay Men's Health Collective's diva event called Exposure. Tyou1_web_1

Join the fun for a good cause on Monday, April 17th at 8pm.

Here are 2 examples of a Thank You card I made for past silent auctions. (Click on the image to see a larger view)

Tyou2_web_1 JS Cards & Co. prides itself on pushing paper to the next level. We create handmade greeting cards that Pop-Up and surprise our happy customers!

The purpose of JS Cards & Co. is to provide an alternative to the choosy, artistic buyer of greeting cards with opportunities for personalization!

Card prices range from $5 to $10 a piece, depending on the paper used and the level of personalization in each work of art. Call 415-623-9369 to order cards for any occasion:birthday, new baby, dog birthday, new car, etc. I will work with you to make what You want!

Soon I will show you the designs for Spring and Mother's Day 2006. Until then...Make it a GREAT Day!

Invitations for Shelly!

I am currently working on some invitations for my good college friend, Shelly (we met at UC Davis our 1st year and have been in contact ever since). Shelly is having a ceremony with a Renaissance Festival theme. Her colors are Royal Blue and Sage Green. I'll show you my samples when I'm finished. I have to get these to her this week! One of my designs uses my favorite petal envelope from The Paper Source. Later!

Wreath Baby wreaths...

Hey Everyone! I created a beautiful white paper wreathWhite_wreath for the Holidays By Design DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids) Event on December 2, 2004. (click on the image for a larger view).

The wreath was stunning at the event and I was able to make it using white magnolias from the flower-making kits, white snowflakes, and my own template for the holly leaves. The trusty Paper Source has these really cool flower-making kits that one can use, so I'm excited. I made a fall wreath (see picture) Fall_wreathfor my door and it looked wonderful, so I was inspired to try something new.

Have a super sensational day!

Keep your eyes peeled for my Wreath Making class in October of 2005 at the Kansas City Paper Source.

Talk with you soon!